Super Rhino 2.1 Keyed Crank

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Super Rhino 2.1 Keyed Crank

This is the latest and greatest motor on the market. The bore is capable of going from a 3.104 all the way to a 3.760 with just one sleeve, Which makes it the most versatile motor out there. This motor is cast aluminum. The motor also has a steel coil bracket, A steel sleeve for the main boss, A steel sleeve for the cam. It is also equipped with an oil sight glass. The cam configuration has been altered to accept a long core came which allows us to use a lager head diameter on the lifters, What this does is allow for better or full use of the cam, with increased power, and better consistency. Below is the list of everything that comes with the motor. Since their are several different versions of this engine please contact us so we can more accurately set you up with the correct engine. Parts listed below may vary depending on what configuration you receive. This is a complete engine.

•Intake manifold
•Two bolt flange
•Fuel pump and bracket
•Carburetor modified for alcohol
•Carb top and retention device
•Carb air ring and air cleaner
•Throttle cable
•Exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe
•Exhaust brace
•Coil and flywheel
•Oil sight glass
•Oil fill plugs
•10 foot fuel line, y fitting and fuel filter
•Ngk spark plug
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Price: $5,300.00

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